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Kids Have a Voice

The arts are fantastic for children. From the young age of 5, a child can sit down and make color choices for the characters in their coloring book. They love stories: silly, scary, repetitive, and rhyming. We are fascinated by their minds and ideas because we are usually surprised, and we love surprises! That is why at On Stage Production Co. we are committed to helping every child find their voice.

We want to create a trusting environment where a child feels free to say how they see this humongous crazy world. We encourage them to break out of their shells and we help them build their confidence. How do we do that? Through poetry, playwriting, and improvisation mixed with dramatic performance opportunities. It is only through doing and accomplishing and through failing and succeeding that we gain self-esteem. Our goal is to help each child find their confident voice.

*We do not guarantee a child will become completely confident at the end of taking any of our courses. However, we want to see improvement and a willingness to step outside of their comfort zone.

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Meet On Stage Production Company

     Ms. Laurel, Co-Owner & Managing Director

Laurel Brushett holds a BS in Microbiology, she is an Author, and Associate Producer for several full feature and short independent films. Laurel is also a dedicated homeschooling mom with a passion for the arts. She has always encouraged her children to read classic literature, act out plays, and memorize and recite poems. She believes these are life skills that they will carry on with them throughout their lives.  That is why she co-created On Stage. To provide experiences where children can become confident in different situations whether it is becoming an actor, public speaking to crowds, or being impressive for a job interview.

Laurel began playing the flute and piccolo at an early age and throughout high school into college. She enjoyed serving as band president as well as marching in band competitions, but her favorite part was playing in the pit in school musical productions and Madrigal Dinners. Laurel’s senior year in high school she was chosen to travel with Up With People, a global traveling entertainment organization but she fell in love with her soul mate and took another spectacular direction. She feels her positive, warm, and confident attitude helped her land the amazing invitation to travel with Up With People.

Laurel wears many hats for On Stage. She is not only the Co-Owner she is also the Business Manager, Marketing Director, Webmaster, Assistant Director/Producer, Stage Crew, HR and Customer Relations Director. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7276700/

“Our classes give students a sense of unity, confidence, and experience being in new situations which they will take with them throughout their lives”.  Laurel Brushett

Ms. Jenn Co-Owner & Teaching Director

Jenn Curtis began acting on stages when she was in 3rd grade. She danced, played the trombone in orchestra, and acted in high school productions. But, it was sitting in the audience watching high school kids perform “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” that sparked her desire to join drama.

She loved the excitement and watching all the different pieces come together to make a recital or play happen. She started out in the chorus, then moved on to a lead role. In college, she changed gears and studied Math and English. But, she always had drama friends and saw lots of shows. Then her world changed in the early 2000s. She met a group who asked her to be a part of their new community theater company. They saw talent and she became a board member. For four years she learned hands on how to do everything back stage. she called shows, directed, designed costumes and sets, was prop master, and layed out the show programs.

Ms. Jenn recently served as Drama Department Director for a private school. Currently, she’s concentrated on her playwright skills. She now concentrates on teaching kids about performing and all it has to offer. She loves sharing her passions for drama and writing, it brings joy into her life. That has lead her to co-create On Stage. This gives her the ability to teach children about drama, play-writing, and poetry. All of her passions rolled into one. 

Ms. Jenn is not only the Co-Owner but she is also the Teaching Director, Teacher and Director of our play productions.

Elvia Photo
Ms. Elvia Instructor

Elvia is an energetic homeschooling mom of 3 boys, 2 which are in college.  She has had a passion for makeup artistry for over 25 years and has been doing makeup for weddings, plays and productions. She is currently working as the Special Effects Makeup Artist on a full length Indie film.

Elvia has always been dedicated and committed to sharing her gifts and talents with others and has always found her ultimate enjoyment and passion for sharing these skills with kids of all ages. She wants to continue to share her creative talents with special fx makeup to provide the kids with some cool and exciting skills they can do on their own!

Hobbies outside of makeup include playing tennis, acrylic painting, crafting, and teaching/tutoring math.

Herlong Headshot
Mr. Chris, BFA Instructor

Christopher Herlong is a graduate of New York University, TISCH School of the Arts, with a BFA in Acting. While at NYU, he trained for three years at the Circle in the Square Theater Group and a year studying film acting at Stonestreet Studios. After graduation, Christopher trained two years at the Barrow Group in NYC. Christopher co-founded a short-lived theater group named Whispering Shadows in NYC, and wrote and directed a Revolutionary War-based murder mystery entitled Shadows Turning Red. Christopher also co-founded Fright Night Rochester in Rochester, NY, and wrote and directed two interactive haunted attractions entitled Caverns Deep and Camp Haccamo. Christopher currently works as the Creative Director of Child Photo Magazine – an online magazine  and resource to help parents of child model and actors connect with industry agents and casting directors. Christopher is also the founder of Studio Five Productions, and is actively working to fund and develop a new form of entertainment called Live Action Cinema – a combination of theater and film that blurs the line between fiction and reality.

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