History of Theater Class Syllabus Pt. 1

History of Theater Pt.1

Class Syllabus

Prepared by Ms. Jenn

Contact: ms.jennonstage@gmail.com


This class will be divided into three sections. Section 1 will focus on The Greeks development of tragedies and comedies. Section 2 will focus on the Elizabethan era of William Shakespeare. Section 3 will focus on the modern era of theater and musicals. Throughout the course, the three different sections will be compared and contrasted to understand how drama and theater have developed over the centuries. The students will have opportunities to complete assigned class projects, to memorize and perform monologues, analyze and develop characters, and learn several acting techniques. Set design, lighting, and costuming will also be discussed. This class offers each student to see history unfold in the world of theater, and then become a part of it.

COURSE OBJECTIVES – The Greeks, Shakespeare, and Modern

  1. Understand the different eras of theater
  2. Compare and Contrast the different eras
  3. Understand the development of comedy from tragedy
  4. Understand how technology has changed the theater experience
  5. Learn how to analyze a character
  6. Learn acting techniques
  7. Memorize and Perform a monologue from each era
  8. Collaborate and Perform a scene from each era
  9. Complete 1 project from each era


  1. Art/ Craft supplies
  2. Notebook/ Pen/ Pencil
  3. An imagination


  1. Previous knowledge of acting or the theater
  2. Drawing abilities


  1. For each student to perform
  2. Attend all classes
  3. Collaborate in a constructive way
  4. Take notes
  5. Take 3 tests


Be respectful, kind, courteous, and raise your hand to give your input. Collaboration!

Be brave, courageous, and help your creativity come alive!