History of Theater Class Syllabus Pt. 2

History of Theater Pt.2

Class Syllabus

Prepared by Ms. Jenn

Contact: ms.jennonstage@gmail.com


This class will be divided into three sections. Section 1 will focus on performing and designing a scene from a Greek play. Section 2 will focus on performing and designing a scene from a William Shakespeare play. Section 3 will focus on performing and designing a scene from the modern era of theater. All scenes will run about 20-30 minutes and will require all the skills and knowledge learned in the previous class. The students will have the opportunity to design costumes, props, and set pieces. Also, the students will collaborate, create characters, do blocking, and direct. The students will use their knowledge of acting techniques to make a great performance.

COURSE OBJECTIVES – The Greeks, Shakespeare, and Modern

  1. Analyze and create characters
  2. Use the different acting techniques
  3. Memorize and Perform in each play
  4. Collaborate on blocking, costumes, props and set design
  5. Complete the mini projects that are assigned for each play


  1. History of Drama Pt. 1 Class
  2. Art/ Craft supplies
  3. Notebook/ Pen/ Pencil
  4. An imagination


  1. For each student to perform in each play
  2. Attend all classes
  3. Collaborate in a constructive way


Be respectful, kind, courteous, and raise your hand to give your input. Collaboration!

Be brave, courageous, and help your creativity come alive!