Homeschool Adventures Spring Semester Description

Fencing w/Gryphon Fencing Academy & Character Development w/On Stage 

The Olympic sport of fencing has its origins in the sword fighting and dueling of the Renaissance.  Shakespeare, Alexander Dumas, George Lucas and others have woven fencing into Western theater, literature, and popular culture. Students will learn about the history of dueling, the modern sport and theatrical fencing. They will learn the basic movements of fencing and have the chance to choreograph a dramatic “fight scene”.

Then with Ms. Jenn the students will combine what they learned with acting. Swashbuckling action will combine with developing a great pirate character. Each student will create a unique character and perform in a short skit.

Fun with Cooking w/Ambrosia Fine Foods & Set Design w/On Stage

Ambrosia Fine Foods will lead the students in a journey about food. From cooking to decorating, the students will have a “sweet” time!

Then the students will join Ms. Jenn in learning about set design. In any great show, there is a wonderful set. Sometimes the set is minimal,  and sometimes extravagant. Each student will learn the process of designing a great set.

Young Entrepreneur & Vaudeville w/On Stage

Come build a mock business and learn how to give speeches and presentation. The Business will be built using each individual’s strengths and passions. Then the students will join Ms. Jenn in discovering Vaudeville. Many comedians got their start in Vaudeville with now famous routines. We will rediscover them and find what still works for the modern age.

Gardening w/Cynthia & Art of Doing Something w/On Stage

Prepare to get your hands dirty! Our Gardening classes are hands-on dirty science fun. We’re helping students learn high quality life skills useful for successful spring and summer gardening!

We’ll get our hands dirty making pots, planting seeds, making fertilizer, for our own gardens. We’ll dig into the soil and observe roots, structures, worms and microbes, to understand plants and their need for healthy soil. We’ll learn about the importance of gardens in history and trials and triumphs of famous gardeners.

  • Day 1: Life Below the Ground

  • Day 2: Life Above the Ground

  • Day3: Healthy Earth, Healthy Life

Join us as students learn ten fundamental concepts for growing a healthy garden.

Then Ms. Jenn will lead the students in storytelling. Storytelling is not always about dialogue. It’s about how one action can say a  thousand things. We will learn this art as we improve listening and acting skills.

Cultural Days (Africa) & Commitment w/On Stage

Come learn about Africa. Students will learn about the culture and also do bead making, learn about the music, and discover the food.

Then Ms. Jenn will lead the students in a journey about commitment in drama. Commitment is the #1 attribute an actor should possess. With the right encouragement and support, we will use scenarios to practice character and action commitment.

Space is Limited and will fill up fast!

***There is a $25 registration fee to enroll.***

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*One discount per student per semester. Please note: Sibling discount applies after the first sibling’s full-priced enrollment. ie., Sibling 1 full price, sibling 2 and after $45 discount each, only once per semester. If you have any questions please contact Laurel

**Discounts cannot be combined.

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