Poetry In Motion Class Syllabus

Poetry in Motion

The Quatrain: Class Syllabus

Prepared by Ms. Jenn

contact: ms.jennonstage@gmail.com


This class will teach the fundamental elements of all poetry while focusing on quatrains. Throughout the class, we will use word association to spark ideas and then build confidence by writing poems together. With these new skills, individual poems will be written in class and at home. The more one writes, the better writer one becomes. There will be a recital, in the end, where each poet will have the opportunity to recite 3 of their poems showcasing their accomplishments. To become prepared for the recital, there will be several weeks where improv will be taught. It is used as a confidence building technique. Home assignments will be given at the end of each class and are designed to strengthen the skills and abilities of each poet.


  1. Learn how to effectively use rhyme and meter
  2. Write using all five senses
  3. Write using figurative language
  4. Learn skills in using a thesaurus
  5. Build confidence in public speaking
  6. Each student finds their voice


  1. Notebooks/ Pens/ Pencils
  2. A thesaurus at home
  3. Access to rhyming lists (online or book)


  1. Being a perfect speller
  2. Being comfortable speaking in front of others


  1. For each student to own being challenged
  2. Parents to encourage completion of the home assignments
  3. Attend all classes
  4. Perform in the recital


Be respectful, kind, courteous, and raise your hand to answer a question.

Be brave, courageous, and let your creativity flow!