Special Effects Makeup Syllabus

Elvia Quintana

Course Description

This class will focus on the art of special effects makeup. Students will learn the techniques of how to realistically do makeup to look like bruises, cuts, blisters, scaly skin and more. Each class will be different and give the students the opportunity to create great effects.

Course Objectives

  • KNOW YOUR MATERIALS – The students will be taught the different types of paints, adhesives, tools and other materials used to create effects.
  • BLOOD – The students will develop the art of making blood. (Every special effects artist has their very own secret recipe.)
  • GELATIN & MOLDS – The student will learn to make their own molds and and gelatin to create prosthetic pieces.
  • TATTOS & THEATER MAKEUP – The students will learn how to apply “tattoo” designs and makeup for a theater production.
  • SCARS/ CUTS/ SCRAPES – The students will create their own scar wax and use common items to create the effect of scrapes and deeper cuts.
  • BURNS & BLISTERS – The students will learn how to create the effect of burned or blistered skin using their available materials.
  • ROBOTS & CYBORGS – The students will make their own robot/cyborg face/arm piece and learn to color and apply it.
  • LIZARD/ MERMAID SKIN – The students will be molding and making their own lizard/mermaid face/arm piece and then apply it.
  • AIRBRUSH & TEXTURE – The students will create veins and learn how to make textured skin appliqués.

Required Materials

All materials will be supplied for each student.