Special Effects Makeup

Come learn the art of special effects makeup. Students will leave with knowledge of how to realistically do makeup to look like bruises, cuts, scrapes, and all sorts of mayhem. This is a one of a kind class in the area where students will learn FX makeup techniques.

We are now offering beginning and advanced classes. New content every semester.

Ages 8+

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Special Effects Makeup 101 (Beginning)

SFX Makeup 101 — In this introductory class, students will learn fundamental makeup application tools/techniques in making their own special effects supplies using common household items to create realistic looking special effects. Some of the special effects they will learn to do are:
DIY blood
lizard or mermaid skin

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Special Effects Makeup 102 (Advanced:) Prerequisite Special Effects Makeup 101

SFX Makeup 201 — This is a more advanced class where students will be building on knowledge of the tools and techniques learned in SFX Makeup 101. Some of the things they will learn will be:
  • advanced color theory
  • cuts with stitching
  • broken bones/skin
  • life casting
  • sculpting 
  • molding
  • prosthetics

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Our classes are located @24837 Jefferson Ave #201-202, Murrieta, CA 92562

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Note: If enrollment is low the class may be canceled and your money will be refunded, we will notify you if this happens.