The Play’s The Thing Class Syllabus

Prepared by Ms. Jenn



This class will be divided into two parts. The first half of this course will be about playwriting. The students will have the opportunity to develop the plot, characters, and dialog for the collaborative class play. They will be guided as they create a world where their characters speak. The second half will be about play production. Once the play is finalized, the students will then take part in auditions and be cast in their newly penned play. They will memorize lines, learn blocking, and contribute to costume and set design. This is an unique opportunity for a student to write and perform in their play. This class offers each student to be a part of the entire cycle from page to stage. The growth experiences are endless.


  1. Understand the limits of a stage production
  2. Understand the possibilities and benefits of a stage production
  3. Learn to develop setting, tone, and theme in a play
  4. Learn how to develop interesting characters
  5. Learn how to write dialog for characters

COURSE OBJECTIVES – Play production

  1. Learn how to audition
  2. Learn blocking techniques
  3. Committing to a character
  4. The art of acting


  1. Notebooks/ Pens/ Pencils
  1. An imagination
  2. Being okay with disappointment


  1. Previous creative writing experience
  2. Previous acting or performance experience


  1. For each student to perform in the play
  2. Parents to encourage memorization of lines
  3. Parents to encourage practice with blocking
  4. Attend all classes
  5. Collaborate in both writing and play production


Be respectful, kind, courteous, and raise your hand to give your input. Collaboration!

Be brave, courageous, and help your creativity come alive!