The Theater Experience

“Stage acting gives children the skills to become more courageous with self-expression and overcome shyness. They build their own self-confidence and develop social skills with new behaviors in front of friends in a secure safe environment”.

Students will have an in front and behind the scenes theatrical experience. They will learn how to put a theatrical show together piece by piece using lighting and set design, creating props, acting techniques, and much much more. Through projects during the semester, the students will have opportunities to act in and direct scenes with their fellow students. At the end of the semester, the students will create a showcase of their best work for an evening performance. This class gives the unique opportunity to have the whole theater experience. 

Ages 8-18

Spring: Thursdays    12pm – 12:55pm    1/23 – 5/21     Cost: $285

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Our classes are located @24837 Jefferson Ave #201-202, Murrieta, CA 92562

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